Temporal Waves
Temporal Waves

Shawn Mativetsky: tabla, synths
Jace Lasek: guitar (tracks 7, 8, 12), vocals (track 14)

2024 People Places Records & Linear Fade Records


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Shawn Mativetsky

Shawn Mativetsky, tabla
George Koller, dilruba

2017 Samskara

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"[Shawn Mativetsky] découpe admirablement les rythmes et possède l’art des contrastes dans les timbres. ... Le tout est d’une grande beauté et le choix du répertoire permet d’explorer plusieurs atmosphères. ... Une occasion de découvrir toute la profondeur, la subtilité et la puissance d’évocation de l’artiste." - Yves Bernard, Le Devoir (Mar 7, 2017)

"Mativetsky’s tabla solos in Rivers eloquently reflect his evident dedication to the dynamic, received tradition of Benares style of tabla playing, his own individual spontaneous creativity, as well as his passion for this rich form of music-making." - Andrew Timar, The WholeNote (Mar 27, 2017)


"A fresh perspective ... A fascinating journey ... Mativetsky not only kept my attention with his artistry, but his playing demanded it." - Matthew Geiger, Percussive Notes (July, 2017)


Payton MacDonald & Shawn Mativetsky
Super Marimba XIII

Payton MacDonald, marimba
Shawn Mativetsky, tabla


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Super Marimba XIII brings together Payton MacDonald's unique musical language on marimba with Shawn Mativetsky's elegant tabla drumming. Super Marimba is a psychedelic journey into sound, with grooving drones, sonorous harmonies, colorful textures, and layered melodies.



Jonathan Voyer & Shawn Mativetsky
Raga Charukeshi

Jonathan Voyer, santoor
Shawn Mativetsky, tabla

2015 Samskara

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Nominated for a Prix Opus, World Music Album of the Year
Nominé pour un Prix Opus, Album de l'année - Musique du monde



Shawn Mativetsky

New music for tabla
Oeuvres récentes pour tabla

Featuring the / avec le
Windsor Symphony Orchestra

2011 ombu productions


“As a leading Canadian disciple of the renowned Sharda Sahai he has serious tabla street cred. ... The works admirably showcase his timbral, temporal control and musical sensitivity on the tabla alone, and as supported by a series of duo, chamber music and orchestral forces. ... Cycles will delight both world music and new music aficionados alike.” - Andrew Timar, The WholeNote (Apr 1, 2012)
“The musical fusion is successful and particularly interesting. Christian Ledroit, Nicole Lizée, Bruno Paquet, Jim Hiscott and Paul Frehner deliver creations that are sensitive, exhilarating, and downright bewitching. It’s also worth emphasizing the extraordinary complicity of the musicians collaborating with Shawn Mativetsky. That the musicians enjoy playing together is quite audible and contributes to the sharing and appreciation of this warm, captivating and human music. A must!” - Eric Champagne, La Scena Musicale (Sep 1, 2012)
“The enchanting CD tracks... take you on a musical journey that is mesmerizing as well as enthralling. ... Shawn Mativetsky, a rare tabla player and musician of his time, has truly captured the spirit of classical music in the palms of his hands with his fingers so intricately vibrating across the drumhead, as he accompanies one instrument after another... [with] zest, fervor and sincerity.” - Dr. Monika Spolia, Bharat Times (Dec 1, 2011)
“Le disque est d'une beauté mystérieuse.” - Yves Bernard, Le Devoir (Dec 16, 2011)

“I highly recommend this new CD for anyone wanting to expand his or her library of chamber works. The CD offers variety throughout, not only through compositional style, but more clearly through a diverse mixture of timbres and textures.” - Rob Parks, Percussive Notes (May 1, 2012)


Payton MacDonald
Works for Tabla and Percussion

Shawn Mativetsky, tabla
Featuring the / avec le
William Paterson University Percussion Ensemble

2007 Atma Classique


“Mativetsky and the William Paterson University Percussion Ensemble play with easy grace and throbbing vitality. The CD should be of strong interest to fans of percussion, and of creative syntheses of Western and world musics that compromise the integrity of neither.”  - Stephen Eddins, Allmusic.com
“Mativetsky really shines on this recording as he navigates his way through the vast repertoire of Indian rhythmic phrases and time cycles. The solo pieces highlight his mastery of the numerous strokes, sounds and melodic facets of the tabla.”  - Terry O'Mahoney, Percussive Notes (February 2008)

"Un répertoire qui met de l'avant le grand talent d'un soliste exceptionnel." - Réjean Beaucage, Revue Circuit, vol. 17, no. 3 (2007)

"Shawn Mativetsky gives commanding performances of these well crafted, well performed, and well recorded compositions. There is not a bad moment on this disc." - Jay Batzner, Sequenza 21 (Jan 29, 2008)