Dhrupad Tour with Branan Dubh and Payton MacDonald

This past fall, I made a quick trip down to the USA to accompany dhrupad singers Branan Dubh and Payton MacDonald, both disciples of the renowned Gundecha Brothers. I joined them on their New World Dhrupad Tour, which was… Read more

The Benares Baaj Story

The Benares Baaj Story is an archival project by the Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya (PRSSV), documenting the history of the Benares gharana (the style of tabla playing that I learned to play). Founded in London in 1987 by my…

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New Release: Raga Charukeshi!

I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of my new album with longtime collaborator, santoor maestro Jonathan Voyer! Following up on our debut album, Shanta, September 15 will mark the release of our second album, Raga Charukeshi. Charukeshi

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Very Long Cat @ ICLC 2015

This past year, I have been working on a new duo project, Very Long Cat, with Hamilton-based multimedia artist David Ogborn. We had previously collaborated with his Cybernetic Orchestra, and enjoyed the process so much that we decided to… Read more

Feeling the Resonance

As today is Guru Purnima, this day where we celebrate and thank our gurus, our teachers, for all that they have shared with us, I thought that it would be fitting to talk about Guruji's new album, called Resonance (Read more

Announcing the Summer Tabla Workshop Scholarship

It gives me great pleasure to announce that a scholarship is now available for this year's annual summer tabla workshop!
The scholarship will cover the $300 tuition fee for one lucky student, who might not normally have been able to… Read more

New duo - Very Long Cat!

I'm happy to announce a new musical collaboration with Hamilton-based multimedia artist, David Ogborn - Very Long Cat! The duo rehearses over the internet, with the use of special software that synchronises our performance. The music is improv-based, and… Read more