Toronto Weekend

This coming weekend, I'll have a busy few days in Toronto. I haven't played a concert in Toronto in quite a while, so I'm really hoping to see my Toronto-area friends this weekend! :)

On Friday, October 17, I'll be giving a workshop on North Indian Rhythm for the percussion students at the University of Toronto. Sorry, but this one is for students only, and isn't open to the public.

On Friday evening, at 7pm, I'll be playing a full-length traditional tabla solo in style of the Benares gharana, inaugurating the Toronto Tabla Ensemble's new Baithak intimate concert series. I'll be accompanied by wonderful violinist, Parmela Attariwala. I've been wanting to play tabla solo in Toronto for a long time, and am really glad that my first solo in Toronto is coinciding with the debut of this great new series. The Baithak series takes place in a small venue, with the feeling of a house concert; up close and personal. Maximum capacity is 40-50 people, so if you're planning on attending, please be sure to reserve in advance! Contact or call 1-888-958-2252.

Razak Pirani, a student of Ritesh Das, will open the concert with a short Lucknow-style tabla solo.

On Saturday, October 18 at 3pm, I'll be participating in a panel discussion on Ethnocultural Baggage and Contemporary Classical Music, moderated by Parmela Attariwala. The panel is part of the Music Gallery's X Avant festival. I look forward to having exchanges with the other panelists, Melody McKiver and Nicole Rampersaud. We will certainly have lots of baggage to discuss amongst us. :)

Finally, on Sunday, October 19, at 3pm, Parmela and I will perform a concert as the Attar Projectour cross-cultural new music ensemble. This will be our first Toronto performance since our cd launch back 2010. Wow! Admission is $10-$15. The concert takes place at C'est What, 67 Front Street East, Toronto. We'll be performing repertoire that we commissioned for our last CD from composers Paul Frehner, Meiro Stamm, Christien Ledroit, and Nicole Rampersaud, in addition to some older favourites.

See you there!

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