Ragleela at Heartroot Farm

This past Saturday, the Ragleela trio played at Heartroot Farm, in Audet, QC (a little past Lac-Megantic, near to the Maine border). It is a community farm, quite isolated, in a beautiful spot in the countryside. Run by Dawn Bramadat, the farm is a place where people connect with nature, through a combination of hard work, simple living, organic food, and spiritual practice. We were really well received, and it was a pleasure to share our music with those in attendance. We played in what I think used to be a barn, converted into a concert space, complete with stage and sound system. The space was very open, allowing the outside air to flow through, and providing us with panoramic views.

There was a short impromptu opening set by Dawn's daughter, Kyra (vocals, guitar) and her friend Steve on kora. Their music was calm and serene, and was perfect to set the mood. We went on to play two sets, combining pieces from the new album, as well as some older favourites. :)

Thank you to Caroline for the photos!

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